While Laura has enjoyed a career in medicine, she quickly understood that the "band-aid" approach to Western Medicine and the limited time she is allotted with patients would not allowed her to educate them about health and wellness.  Seeing preventative medicine and wellness as a path to living a better, healthier life, Laura began to seek out other ways in which to help people before they hit the doctor's office with disease.  Thus began her journey into yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, ayurvedic techniques, mental health techniques, and more.  Laura has a wonderful toolbox from which to help her students and patients alike.

Laura has witnessed and experienced the gap between "modern" and "alternative" medicine.  While both can be used in constructive and useful ways, more and more misinformation is spreading over the internet about controversial issues.  This misinformation can lead people down a dangerous path.  Laura's mission, in addition to teaching Ashtanga Yoga, Essential Oils, and more, is to provide evidence based, sound reviews and information to the public on such difficult issues, using her knowledge, education, and skill set in so many areas of the medicinal world.   

Do you have a question for Laura?  Let her answer it in her blog!  While the purpose of her blog is not to provide medical diagnosis or advice, she seeks to help provide grounded evidence and information in response to your questions that will hopefully empower YOU to make the right decisions for the health and well being of you and your family.

Take a peak!